Klages: International Visitation In Double-Digit Surge

Domestic tourism metrics released at this year’s annual marketing meeting showed solid year-over-year increases the US feeder markets of the Northeast, the Midwest and Florida.  But how are things looking internationally? Find out what a just-released Research Data Services analysis reveals.

In a comparative analysis prepared by Walter Klages of Research Data Services, the first six months of calendar year 2012 saw UK visitation increase by 7.5% and Central European numbers spike some 18% year-over-year, for an overall average upswing of 11% from the combined European market segments.

This jump in international visitation added to the current record-setting year, in which overall commercial lodging visitation is up by more than 7% and bed taxes have already surpassed banner-year 2008’s numbers.

“This is the result of some very aggressive marketing initiatives in those markets,” said Klages, noting that international visitors account for more than 18% of all visitation to the area. “And it’s smart to spread  the customer base out over countries with different currencies—it helps insulate the industry from potential swings in the value of any single currency,” he added.  Potential VSPC international feeder markets currently span several currencies, including the Canadian Dollar, the Pound Sterling, the Euro, the Swiss Franc, the Swedish Krona and other Scandinavian currencies, and the Brazilian Real.

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