Will There Be A Dolphin Tale 2?

Find out what’s next for “Winter” the dolphin and whether or not she will have a swan song on the big screen as Clearwater Marine Aquarium director David Yates shares it all with CVBeat.

Fame for Winter the Dolphin isn’t over just yet.

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David Yates, the Director for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, is currently working on a documentary. This time there won’t be any story lines added by Hollywood. Instead, the film looks into the real life stories about adults and children who’ve had their lives changed by “Winter” the dolphin who lost her tail.

CVBeat sat down with Yates in his former office, which was transformed into Harry Connick Jr.’s office in the Dolphin Tale movie. Dolphin Tale was No. 1 its second week in the box office and literally transformed the Clearwater Marine Aquarium overnight. It has drawn unimaginable numbers of visitors to St. Pete/Clearwater and attendance at CMA has continued to soar since the release of the movie in 2011.

Yates says the movie is now showing on HBO which continues to bring visitors from far away places to see “Winter.”

“A sequel is always a possibility,” Yates said. “A television series could be a possibility, so we’re exploring options.”

Since Alcon Entertainment used St. Pete/Clearwater as its main shooting location, other movies have done the same, such as Magic Mike and Spring Breakers.

“Hollywood is a very small world and the Alcon Entertainment team who produced the movie with us went back and bragged about how great their experience was,” Yates said.

St. Pete Clearwater Film Commissioner Jennifer Parramore agrees. “People in the film industry talk to one another,” she said. “And when a production company has a great experience in a certain location word definitely gets around, which creates a buzz. This is what we are seeing in the St. Pete/Clearwater area right now—there’s definitely a buzz about this place, and we plan to keep it going.”

Yates and Parramore agree that more incentives from a state level will bring more major movies to the area and will ultimately be a deciding factor on whether or not Dolphin Tale 2 ever makes a splash on the big screen.

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